10 Best Among Us Tips and Tricks

Among us imposters tips and tricks – Since October 2020, the among us is one of the best and most appealing game with very simple rules and regulations to follow. 7 or 8 players of the game take the role of crewmates while rest out of 10 become imposters. The whole game is situated around a spaceship. The crewmates are trying to find out who is the imposter while on the other hand the among us imposters are killing the crewmates without revealing his/her identity.

Today in this extensive guide we are going to reveal best among us imposters tips and tricks. If you really wish to be successful imposter throughout the 3 maps of the game, then you must follow these tricks.

Among us Gameplay

The whole game is moving around the maps both crewmates & imposters. The crewmates need to complete the task before the imposter kills them & imposters need to kill the crewmates without revealing their identity. This is a situation where nobody trusts nobody. You cannot trust the person who is standing beside you. You must act wisely.

Among Us Tips and tricks

If the Among Us imposters kill all the crewmates without being noticed, then he/she will win the game.

Among Us Imposter Tips & Tricks

There are number of Among Us imposter tips & tricks that you can follow. Here we are going to mention the best & most essential that ultimately increase your chance of winning the game. Let’s have a deep insight together.

Essential Skills

With tips & tricks, you must possess some essential skills to win the game as imposters. You must have unmatching deceiving skills, you must know all in and out of the games, you must know how to deceive others with your words. You must know about the proper usage of maps. You must be

  • Confident.
  • Familiar with killing tactics.
  • Familiar with how to blame others.
  • You must know how to win hearts with words.
  • Many others

Make the right choice

Being an imposter, your decision must be right to survive for long. You must wait for the right time and place to take an action. You must know the weakness of your foe.

Keep an eagle eye on crewmates

Whenever you see any of the crewmates is available in the task spot, never ever assume that they are safe and friendly. If they are up to truly completing the task, then the taskbar should fill up. Secondly, they must complete the task in a timely manner even though if the task requires more time. So, for the right decision, you must keep an eagle eye on other players.

Discussion is important

To stay anonymous, you must be part of each discussion. And while having a discussion you must show your convincing power to convince and blaming others with words. Be confident and use the best words to blame others so that other will trust you and could not find you as an imposter.

While discussing you can also get information about the other players. Most of the time the imposters hang back and therefore could not properly participate in the group discussion. Secondly, they will redirect the blame to others quickly. Being an imposter, you must know all of these things.

Other Among Us Tips and Tricks

Here are some of the other among us tips and tricks that you must follow to win the game.

  1. Always move in the groups.
  2. Keep a close eye on the other players especially the players that are completing the tasks.
  3. Be aware of the common tasks.
  4. Never ever waste your visual tasks.
  5. Must know the proper usage of vents.
  6. Always try your best to fix the sabotage.
  7. Must use the emergency call for strategic planning.
  8. When you are in doubt, you should skip the vote.
  9. Never ever use spam.

How to become Among Us Imposter Every Time Tips & Tricks

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