Among Us Tasks & Maps List – Complete Guide

Among Us one the thrilling and most wanted imposing game of the era. Today in this comprehensive guide about Among Us Task and Maps we are going to share every bit of information. So, stay tuned & go through the entire article.

Among us, tasks are the small part of big games that must be finished on time by the crewmates to win the Among us game. At the upper-left corner of the screen, you can easily see the taskbar that is processing as with the finishing of the game tasks. Once you are done with all tasks the bar will be completed and ultimately crewmates will win the game.

In any case, you have been killed by the imposter you still can play the game as a ghost and can contribute to the task completion. So, do not stop at any cost complete the tasks even while dead.

Here is Among Us Task and Maps Detials

List of Tasks

There are several types of tasks in the Among Us game. If you are playing the game for the first time and not familiar with the types of tasks, then you must practice the task in the practice mode. Practice mode is the Freeplay mode that is why you need to select the task and practice it. Moreover, in the practice mode, you can also get familiar with all the 3 maps of the game as well. So, practice well before jumping into real-time gaming.

Visual tasks

One of the most important types of tasks is the visual task. Far or less like simple regular tasks but if the players can gather around you if you are successfully have done these tasks. Yeah so, an important type of task they are especially if you are an imposter. you will be deceiving the people by doing visual tasks. Moreover, being an imposter, you can avoid them.

  • Empty Chute
  • Empty Garbage
  • Submit Scan
  • Prime Shield
  • Clear Asteroids
  • Align Engine Output
  • Calibrate distributor
  • Chart course
  • Clean O2 filter
  • Divert Power to Communications
  • Divert power to lower Engine
  • Divert power to navigation
  • Divert Power to O2
  • Divert Power to the Security
  • Divert Power to the Shields
  • Divert Power to the Upper Engine
  • Divert Power to Weapons
  • Fuel Engines
  • Inspect Samples
  • Prime Shield
  • Stabilize Steering
  • Start Reactor
  • Swipe Card
  • Unlock Manifolds
  • Upload Data
  • Assemble Artifact
  • Buy Beverage
  • Clean O2 filter
  • Divert Power to Admin
  • Divert Power to Communications
  • Divert power to the Cafeteria

Among Us Maps

There are currently 3 different Among Us maps available in the game. The basic gameplay of the Among us remains the same no matter in which map you are playing, but the overall winning strategies of the game change as per the map. There you may also feel some changes in the task list but in all, you must play well acted and alert. Don’t let the imposter kill you. Before jumping into the game make sure you practice enough and study well all the maps.

Types of Maps

Here come the 3 maps that we were just discussing. Let’s have a deep insight into all of these maps.

In the skeld map the whole big spaceship is totally divided into the eastern and western wing. It also comprises of 2 large hubs.

Among Us Tasks & Maps

MIRAHQ is a high sky rising building. As compare to the skeld it is a bit smaller map but the density of overall players’ sin is high.

Polus: is a high-end map. As compare to the skeld and mirahq it is a bit smaller map but the density of overall players sin is high so you need to complete your task on that map as well

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