How to become Among Us Imposter Every Time Tips & Tricks

You are landed on this web page because you want to be the imposter among us. As you know Among us is one of the most popular, appealing, and trending games nowadays. It comprises 4 to 10 players and among all of you, there are 1 to 3 imposters. You can become Among Us imposters. an imposter is one of the most appealing and attractive parts of the game and nowadays every player wishes to become an imposter, but the dream of imposters turns into reality only for a few.

Today in this article we are going to give each detail about how to become an imposter in every game. We will not leave any leaf to unturn and going to reveal every bit of information. Once you start following these methods you will become one of the group imposters every time when you start playing the game.

among us imposter

What is Among Us Imposter?

If you are new in the game and still unfamiliar with the imposter part of the game, then I am sure you have a question ‘‘what is among us, imposter? who is Among Us imposter?’’. Do not worry as we promised you to go to get everything about imposter by the end of this article.

The straightforward answer to this crucial question is that among us is one of the best imposter games where the game players are classified into the imposters and crewmates.

Among us Crewmates

The main goal of the crewmates is only survival throughout the entire gameplay and must complete tasks. Another interesting role of crewmates is to find out who is imposters in the game.

How To Find Imposters in Among Us game

While on the other hand, the imposter’s goal is to kill the crewmates without leaving any trace of killing behind. The killing should be done silently so that other crewmates could not find out you as an imposter.

gameplay of among us

The whole gameplay of among us is simply situated around a spaceship crew that comprises of 4 to 10 game players in which up to members are imposters.

Answer of how to become Imposter

Finally, you at the most awaiting part of the article where we going to reveal the method to become imposter in among us. Most of the time you hear that selection of the imposter is totally random. Nobody can play its own part to become an imposter n every time.

By default, it is true but what about the gaming hacks? being an imposter in the game you have survived in all the maps of the among us. To be exact there are 3 different maps of the game and your task is to stay alive.

To stay alive in the game you must get yourself familiar with the role of both the imposters and crewmates.

To be a successful imposter you need a lot of tactics, a sharp mind, and unmatching killing techniques so that you can survive for all the 3 maps. Not even a single crewmate standing beside you could judge you as an imposter. Above all you must be very confident, you must possess strong reflexes, and you must have convincing power to convince the crewmates that you are not an imposter.

Methods to become Among Us Imposter every time

There are several methods through which you can easily become an imposter in the game every time you wish. All you need is to follow these steps 1 by 1 to become a successful imposter in the game. Let’s get inside to become Among Us Imposter.

Method No. 1

This method is totally independent of the gaming platform. No matter either you are playing this game on mobile, PC, or laptop. Follow the steps.

  1. Firstly, you need to launch your game.
  2. Now you need to enter any random username as a player name.
  3. Now you want to set the total number of imposters in your game. An imposter could be 1, 2, or 3.
  4. And finally, create your game.
  5. Now you need to send an invitation and ask other friends to join you.
  6. You can change the outfit color of your player as per your wish.
  7. When you feel that the among us game is going to start all you need is to modify your character color in 2 different colors.

The method I mentioned above is just to increase the overall chances of you in order to become among us game imposter. I personally follow this method and 95 times out of 100 I .

Method No. 2

What are the qualities to become an imposter in the game? If you really wish then you must find out either you have certain qualities or not. The set of qualities we have mentioned above and if you missed it I must recommend you to go and find out these qualities.

  1. You can get the votes from others or can vote someone to become an imposter. but to vote you must have some great evidence about the others.
  2. Secondly, you must be totally familiar with the complete usage of vents. If you have gone through the game before then you must know what the vent is. I must say that it is one of the most important things to win the game.
  3. Never ever vote aggressively. Be calm and think wisely or better to say rationally.
  4. Above all, you must know the tactics of lying. You must know how to play with words.
  5. You must possess the quality of killing and putting the whole blame on someone other.
  6. You must be confident, you must have a sharp killing mind, and above you should be the mastermind in cleaning murder evidence.


To sum up all, there are several methods to become an imposter every time in the game but above mentioned are tested and working. I personally use the former method to become an imposter in the AMONG US game. I hope you get your answer about how to become an imposter now. Still, you have any queries related to the game don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section. I will get back to you asap. Have fun. Among Us Game.

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