How To Play Among Us Game – Beginners Guide

Among us is one of the thrilling imposter games that has been trending for the last few months. The overview of the game is quite simple and straightforward. It has a crew of 4 to 10 players that are completing some tasks in 3 different maps. We have already talked about the Among us Tasks & Maps in detail. Today in this comprehensive guide we are going to talk expressively about how to Play Among Us Game. Let’s get started!

How to Play Among Us the Game?

Among us 4-10 crew players that are situated around the spaceship doing multiple tasks to win the game. In the meanwhile, on another side of the game 1-3 imposters who are trying to killing the crew members without getting noticed. the following 4 could be the possible endings of the Imposter Among Us game.

How To Play Among Us Game
  1. Crew Win (By killing all the imposters)
  2. Crew Win (By finishing all the assigned tasks)
  3. Imposter Win (Number of crew members and imposters become equal)
  4. Imposter Win (All the crew members killed by the imposters)

The overall gameplay of Among us could be long or short totally depends upon the number of players, their abilities, and the choices made by the players.

Once you get in the game you will be given the role of either imposters or crew members. Based on your role you can achieve the goals to win the game. Here is the complete guide about How to Become Among Us imposter every time.

I become a crew member How to Play as Among us Crew?

Congratulations you are assigned the Among us crew which means you are totally out of the repairing tasks of colonies, ships, and stations. In every gameplay as a crew member, you will get some list of tasks to complete. You can easily see how & where to complete these tasks with the help of the map. After that, all you need to do is to go over the location and complete the jobs.

Most of the jobs are easy but it does not go through all the time. You can also face some hard and difficult tasks as well. Here you can test your skills, abilities, and limits. The very first rule of surviving is to keep your eyes open because there are Among Us imposter as well that could kill you any time. Do not trust anyone. Imposters do not do any kind of tasks they just fake it.

You must also have to look at the progress list of your tasks that is completed and if you see anything suspicious then you have a right to call an emergency meeting by simply pressing the button on the table. 

I become an Imposter How to Play as Among us Imposter?

Here is the most important role that everyone wants to become in the Among Us game. There could be 1, 2, or 3 imposters in the game. On your main screen, you can also see the list of Among us tasks and their locations available on the map. But being an imposter these tasks for you is just for the fake nothing to do in real.

Instead of that, you must work on the isolation of crew members so that you can kill them without doing anything. Definitely, this is not going to be easy you must be sneaky.

Luckily you got some crawlspaces in the spaceship that you can use to kill a crew member. You can get the advantage of your mobility as you have to pick up the crew members alone.

There are many other kinds of stuff to do is an imposter for instance if you look at your sabotage map you will be able to see, lock the doors in order to stick the crewmates or you have to break out the lights in order to limit the visions.

You can also create hurdles in their communications and also make it difficult to see them their tasks as well.

All in all, no matter you are a crew member or among us imposter there is a lot of stuff to do for you to enjoy the game.

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